About AcF

Who are we?
          The Arab Community Fellowship (ACF) is a group of people with Arab backgrounds who have a desire for friendship among other Arab speaking people. 

What is the purpose of our meeting?
          We believe there two primary keys to fitting into the American culture. First, learning the English language as well as best. Second, one needs to learn how the customs and values of the American culture can best be integrated with one’s native traditions to make for a better experience in The United States. 

          ACF is an inviting place that facilitates meetings where people can ask questions and offer potential solutions in a non-threatening atmosphere while enjoying the fellowship of other Arabs. We believe Arab speaking people will be better able to make decisions and develop friendships with both Arabs and non-Arab speaking people when they have better information.  

Are you required to accept certain beliefs if you attend the meetings?
          You will not be required to accept any beliefs or cultural standards that are contrary to your faith.  However, in developing an understanding of the United States, it's culture and people, we encourage people to be open to listening to others.  Some attendees of AFT are Christians, but people will not be “preached” to nor evangelized. However, there is a Bible study associated with each meeting which will help us better understand those who are Christians in America.

The AFC meets at 7 P.M. every Friday evening at Christ Church Kettering, Ohio. The format of the meeting is to create a fellowship between all Arab speaking people attending the gathering.

At our meetings we:

  • offer opportunities to discuss how to adapt to the culture in the U.S. by discussing problems and learn from those who have had similar issues.
  • meet new friends
  • participate in Bible studies
  • enjoy fellowship while having refreshments 

Pastor Ayad Attia is the director of the ACF. Pastor Ayad has spent 28 years as a pastor, church planter, and educator in Egypt.  He is currently working on his doctoral project on "Bridging the Gap between Christian and Muslims" at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. 
If you would like to learn more about the ACF or support its efforts or be introduced to the Arab Community, please email or call Pastor Ayad Attia: ayad@wearemosaic.org (937-829-0867) or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Our Meeting place Is at:

Christ Church Kettering Campus

3440 Shroyer Rd,

Dayton, OH 45429