Mosaic Church

Part-Time Family Ministry Director

Position Description

Do you have a love for God, a heart for kids and families along with a passion to help them grow in the love of Jesus Christ?  Join a new work God has started through the newly planted Mosaic Church at The Greene Towne Center in Rave Movie Theater.  Proven ability to recruit, equip and empower a team along with multi-ethnic competency is a must.  This position is part-time 12-15 hours per week. As the ministry grows, so will the position.For more info and send resumes to 


The Family Ministry Director of Mosaic Church is responsible for the vision, administration, recruitment, supervision and leadership development for the Family Ministry program area.  This person should have education, training, and experience in the field of Christian Education as well as demonstrated passion for reaching out to and connecting people who are new or “returning” to the church. Multi-ethnic compency is a must. This is a part-time position.  The Family Ministry Director reports to and is evaluated by the Mosaic Campus Pastor.   

12-15 Hours a week

Accountable To:

Mosaic Campus Pastor

Spiritual Requirements:

  • Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

  • Commitment to personal spiritual growth and healthy lifestyle

  • Considers this position a ministry, not just a job

  • Models standards and expectations of staff members within Mosaic Church including membership and worship attendance at Mosaic Church, small group participation, lifestyle of tithing and generosity, and faithfully serving out of your call and giftedness

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience

  •  Proven track record of success in a paid, staff leadership position

  • Track record of successful recruitment/equipping/deploying of paid and unpaid servants (volunteers)


Develops systems that ensure safety in all regards to children and workers.  Following the APT policy and procedures as well as ensuring a secure check in/check out system. 

  •  Directs and coordinates the Children’s Christian Education ministry, ensuring that qualified staffing exists for:

1. Children’s Sunday Morning Worship/Spiritual development Experience (infant-5thgrade)

2.  Summer Enrichment Ministry (selected ages and short-term sessions, e.g., Missions, Kids Camp /VBS)

3. Outside of Sunday morning discipleship groups and events for families, children (thru 5thgrade)

  • Recruits, employs, trains and evaluates Family Ministry leaders, building strong communication systems

  •  Works in conjunction with the Family Ministry team to select/develop curriculum, bible literature and teaching tools for children

  • Ensures comprehensive plan for creation, setup and tear down of weekly programming space

  •  Monitors and ensures documentation of enrollment/attendance of the Family Ministry area for defined benchmarks

  •  Creates, develops and gains approval for new programs which promote spiritual growth in children, students and families

  • Works to ensure consistency in child care standards when child care is being provided to support church programming

  •  Serves as resource person for worship programs and special seasonal events

  • Meets with Family Ministry Team leaders to plan for Children’s programming

  • Coordinates activities with the Essential Ministry Leadership Team of Mosaic Church

  • Keeps current on Christian Education, attending conferences and continuing education programs as approved by the Mosaic Campus Pastor and/or Mosaic Board

  • Supports implementation of church-wide abuse policy in regard to children/families in Christian Education programs

  • Develops strong support systems for parents to help them become better equipped in discipling their children in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • Provides pastoral visitation/counseling for children and families as needed

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Mosaic Campus Pasto

Business Administrator-Mosaic Church

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and heart for seeing people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ? Join a work God is doing through Mosaic Church by helping to develop healthy systems that support day to day business operations.  To apply send resume or for more info contact:

The Business Administrator reports to the Campus Pastor of Mosaic Church and provides operations and systems development to the campus.

 20-25 Hours a week

 Accountable To:

Mosaic Campus Pastor

 Spiritual Requirements:

·      Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

·      Commitment to personal spiritual growth and healthy lifestyle

·      Considers this position a ministry, not just a job

·      Models standards and expectations of staff members within Mosaic Church including membership and worship attendance at Mosaic Church, small group participation, lifestyle of tithing and generosity, and faithfully serving out of your call and giftedness

 Education & Experience:

·      Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience

·      Proven track record of success in a paid, staff leadership position

·      5 years of Administrative experience

·      Track record of successful recruitment/equipping/deploying of paid and unpaid servants (volunteers)

 Skill Requirements:

·      Gifted in communication and exceptional organizational skills

·      Ability to work professionally with persons at all levels

·      Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously 

·      Ability to stay focused and create healthy boundaries and work environment in the midst of potential distractions

·      Positive “first impression” including professional appearance and communication skills

·      High energy level with flexible time availability

·      Ability to identify problems and to propose feasible solutions

·      Ability to take an idea/vision and run with it toward completion employing unpaid servants to take ownership.

·      Proficiency with Microsoft Windows applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Publisher

·      Ability to oversee the development and maintenance of data automated systems, to keep accurate records and process data into concise reports

·      Can organize systems through people, largely volunteers and identify priorities for time and resource allocation

·      Ability to develop new organizational systems to keep up with the changing needs of a growing community

·      Ability to work independently; flexibility and a “make it happen” attitude

·      Confidentiality a “must”

·      Able to be flexible and adaptable in a high-change environment, able to meet deadlines

·      Ability to work in and contribute to an overall staff team in a “strengths-based” environment

·      Ability to skillfully engage, train and deploy unpaid servants 

Overall Responsibility:

·      Oversee and support the development of hospitality systems and organizational support for Sundays, events, conferences, meetings and trainings

·      Develop an administrative team of unpaid servants

·      Work cohesively bringing an integrated mindset of systems development to ministry teams and servants in all areas

·      Create systems that help people engage in the life of the church through Connect Group (small group discipleship), mid-week all church studies, prayer and care teams

·      Partner with the Campus Pastors to provide people management support for key staff

·      Become the key communication hub for the Campus (first responder to inquiries/needs, answer calls etc.); Delegate response accordingly.

·      Become knowledgeable in each of the applicable ministry areas so that questions can be answered and direction given or integration can happen at a deeper level.

·      Partner with ministry directors and Campus Pastors to recruit, train and deploy unpaid servants in their ministry areas

·      Manage the details and logistics of this multi-faceted role with responsibility, integrity, fully comprehending the DNA of excellence that is a part of Mosaic Church

·      Develop a deep working knowledge of the church data systems for quick and easy access (Planning Center Online - Workflows, Headcounts, Lists, 

Service features) 

·      Serve as a part of the staff of Mosaic Church including serving at “all church” events and participating in conferences and training opportunities

Specific Day to Day Responsibilities: 

·     Maintain a master church calendar

·     Record church attendance for worship and events and generate reports

·     Maintain and record receipt expenditures 

·     Maintain budget accountability 

·     Assist in updates of promotional materials (What’s Happening @ Mosaic) 

·     Maintain Sunday morning and Hospitality supplies

·     Coordinate and schedule facility use for meetings and events 

·     Organize and maintain a shared drive for Mosaic files and documents 

·     Act as the first point of contact for new guests - communicating, recording 

and follow-through on connection 

·     Track unpaid servants 

·     Communicate prayer requests to the Prayer Team 

·     Provide support to the Care Team 

·     Attend planning meetings in various areas to have a pulse on all areas of Mosaic

·     Other duties as required