You can  watch with us live on Sunday mornings
Mosaic at St Andrew - 830 am
Mosaic at The Mall - 1045am 

Missing fellowship while worshipping online? Join Mosaic Tuned In!
Who? - You! Our Mosaic Online worship family and our incredible Tuned In Coordinators Erin Marie and Jeff Jeffries
What is this? - Mosaic Tuned In is an opportunity for our online worship family to fellowship together before, during, and after service.
You'll get to hang out (via zoom) and have fun with our incredible Tuned In Coordinators, watch our service and worship together, and pray and catch up after worship.
Why? - As awesome as watching online worship is, we know that sometimes we miss the fun of fellowshipping with our Mosaic family.
When? - Every Sunday morning before online worship begins - beginning at 1030.