3 R's

With the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend 2018 it also marks the end of another school year.  We are reminded by all the graduation ceremonies and celebrations that before we just head into summer we all need take a moment to stop, remember all the hard work and dedication on the part of students, faculty, staff and administration and give thanks to God for each person who made this educational achievement possible.  We all will do well to practice the 3 R’s.  No, not reading, writing and arithmetic, the classroom is over! Rather, the 3 R’s-- Remember, Return, Repeat are for LIFE.  These are the 3 R’s in a relationship with God, and they are the 3 R’s of Memorial Day. 

In our human condition, left to our own, we tend to forget the one (or ones) who sacrificed for us, labored for us, worked to provide for us and laid down their very lives figuratively or physically.  We tend to wander away from the truth of saving grace we held at one time so closely. Our gratitude for our freedom diminishes over time if we do not build in special times to practice the 3 R’s.  This is why God set up for the children of Israel feasts and festivals to remember the Great works God had done and is doing. They needed to return to Jerusalem to remember and celebrate together.  Not just once in a lifetime, rather repeat year upon year.  

As Christ Followers, this Memorial Day we are reminded by Jesus that there is no greater love than this, that one lays down his or her very own life for their friend (John 15:13). We remember.  We return to the truth that the freedoms we enjoy in America come ultimately from Almighty God and through the sacrifice of men and women who laid down their lives for a greater cause.  We repeat this year after year.  Now, may we continue to practice the 3 R’s every day, especially through summer, in our own special way in relationship with our Lord and Savior—Remember God, Return to God, Repeat.