Out of Order

During my senior year in high school, I tried to enter the fall by “doing it all.”  Playing trumpet in marching band and being a squad leader was plenty enough one would think.  There were two-a-day practices in August leading up to school starting, special events, and functions all part of the marching band experience.  That would have been enough in the schedule.  But no, I thought running cross country would be fun too.  So, I worked out with the cross country team.  Meets weren’t going to be at the same time as Football Friday nights, and I could work out with the team after band rehearsal every day after school.  On top of that, I thought I would try to be a Senior class officer.  Oh yeah, and take all my senior classes and work some Saturday and Sunday evenings as a bus-boy at a local restaurant.  

One day in late September, following lunch at Arby’s, a pain developed in my stomach and wrapped clear around my back.  I doubled over and was laying on the ground at school.  I thought it was the horseradish sauce I ate at lunch on the roast beef sandwich.  After a visit to the emergency room and the urologist, we discovered that there was a problem with my kidney.  Surgery could fix it but could wait until after spring graduation.  But one thing was clear—I had overdone it.  My life was OUT OF ORDER.       

My life was entirely out of order due to an overwhelmed schedule—saying YES to too many good things.  To say the least, it was WAY too much, and I had to drop out of something.  I had to choose to rest.  

The Lord designed us to enjoy life and our work.  In fact, we are reminded and even commanded to work for six days and REST one day (24 hour period) a week.  Work for six, REST for one.  Enjoy work and activity for 6 days.  Then, enjoy ceasing from all work.  Reset, restore, renew, relax and return to work balanced.  

In Psalm 46: 10 we read, “Be still and know that I am God.”  To live well, be still and know God is God.  Practice rest.  Practice balance. When you find that Life is out of order, rest.  Be still and know that God is in control, and we are not.  God sustains us when life is going well.  And, God can restore us, even and especially when our life is out of order.  Enjoy your August!  

Shalom, my Friends,

Pastor Wayne