Divine Interruptions

We are people always on the move.  As Americans, we pride ourselves on being the most time-conscious people on the planet.  We invented fast food, instant coffee, expressways, and express oil changes.  As one person put it, we’re people who shout at our microwave to “Hurry up!” We get caught up in the rat race. We call life taking children back and forth to school, running them to practices, going to the grocery store, and trying to make it to appointments on time. It’s easy to overlook what’s in front of us.  We get aggravated when our plans are derailed or change, when something causes us to be late, or when we have to adjust our routines.
But in those times of frustration, when we are on the move, what if God is trying to get our attention?  What if we can experience a bit of the miraculous and divine within the interruptions?
In the life of Jesus, we see him on the move.  And what we would consider an interruption, Jesus considered divine.  His response is noteworthy in the gospels:
1.    When speaking to a crowd, Luke 5:17-19
2.    When asleep, Luke 8:22-24
3.    When on his way to perform a healing, Luke 8:43
4.    When conversing with his disciples, Luke 12:11-21
5.    When praying, Mark 1:35-39
6.    When traveling, Mark 10:46-52
What would annoy us is what Jesus welcomed as an opportunity to share his life and love with the people around him.
Recently I experienced this when I found out that Mosaic Church would have to find a new worship venue.  The reason for this move is that the Rave Movie Theater at the Greene will be working to replace the current seats with new luxury recliners.  The seat renovation displaces us for six months. While this is exciting for the Rave and theatergoers, it means that Mosaic needed to find our next location for worship.  
Talk about an interruption.
But God was preparing a new worship space and new opportunities to reach more people.   On May 13, 2018, the worship services will move to modified times at a NEW LOCATION. Mosaic will be changing the location to the Regal Fairfield Commons Cinema in Beavercreek behind the Fairfield Commons Mall!  Worship times will be 9:05 am and 10:30 am.
We believe God is moving us to meet new people!  We will be right next to Wright State University and Wright Patterson Airforce Base, and next to great restaurants and shops.  Worship at Mosaic will continue just a few miles up the road from our current location.            
God sends certain divine interruptions in our lives to get our attention.  Sure, God knows the details of our lives and even our schedules, but our focus is what God desires the most from us.  Next time your schedule changes, an unwanted situation pops up, or an uninvited guest comes your way, don’t look at it as an interruption, but instead, ask yourself what God might be trying to tell you.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Roz