Better Together

As a church planter who started with no people in Lexington, Kentucky I knew I needed to meet people. I didn’t have an office, and frankly, I didn’t want one which is why I turned my last office at The Point Church (in Trotwood, Ohio) into a prayer room.  I made the lobby my office to meet people.  That’s where I spent my three years.  In Lexington, I made Starbucks my office.  I learned immediate people didn’t go for the overpriced drinks with sizes you have to in Italian instead of small, medium or large.  People are hiding behind their laptops and iPads/iPods because they want to be around others.  One day as I had back to back business meetings I came across a young lady who worked for a nonprofit in charitable giving.  I got her business card.  She wanted to connect with our donors; I didn’t tell her we had no donors because I had an ulterior motive.  I thought she was attractive you lady who happened to be a Christian and I wanted her contact info.
I got ahold of her and set up what I thought was a date, and she thought it was a business meeting. When Callie pulled out her business folder to go over what her nonprofit had to offer my jaw dropped because it was apparent we weren't on the same page.  I thought we were on some date.  I tried to steer the conversation to more personal questions, but she didn't have it. I did learn we had some mutual acquaintances and set up a time to hang out with everybody.  I was persistent to say the least.  A lot of my attempts failed.  But she quickly got the hint even more because I kept inviting her to different functions.  I finally landed a date, and it was the best date I had in my life.  However, being the prayer person, she was, God gave her the red light.  I prayed hard because I had not meant anybody like her.  God answered both of our prayers. 
The one thing Callie prayed was that God would bring someone into her life that they could “Serve The Lord Better Together than apart.”  I would say the fulfillment of that prayer is lived out in our marriage and family.
 It’s also been lived out another way as Pastor Wayne, and I met a few years ago.  We didn’t realize a car ride together to a church planting meeting in Columbus would ignite a God-Dream of Mosaic Church.  We too are serving The Lord Better Together than we could ever on our own.
We  also see that in the life of Mosaic Church where we seek to be a dynamic mosaic of Jesus-followers living out Pentecost and the Kingdom of God as in Revelation 7:9 “from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”
We are truly better together and are incomplete without you.

  • Black and white, young and old, man and woman, rich and poor… Better Together.
  • Broken and in need of the grace of God… Better Together.
  • An imperfect church serving a perfect God… Better Together.
  • People striving to see people as people… Better Together.
  • Rich in love and full of compassion… Better Together.
  • A place where folk come when life is hard… Better Together.
  • A respite for the tired… Better Together.
  • A church that won’t hold the past against you but will pray you through to a better future… Better Together.
  • Because we are all beggars coming to the same table looking for bread… Better Together.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Roz