Horse Sense

Growing up, my mom and (dad agreed) to send me to Horse Camp for one week at the age of 9, for two weeks at 10 years old and THREE full weeks in the summer at age 11!  This was always following the little league baseball season.  At horse camp, they taught us campers SO much not only about horses and how to take care of God’s creatures but about life, faith in Jesus and the value of working hard and dedicating ourselves to something greater than ourselves.  But there was another side of horse camp.  You had to work socially to get along with the camp counselors, other campers and that meant a lot of learning to think of others and how they want things done.  Sometimes to get along you had to learn to go along.  There was a variety of farm animals: rabbits, cows, chickens, goats, sheep and peacocks.  And it was MESSY and it was EARLY!  We had to get up when the rooster crowed to go water and feed the animals or go set up breakfast as a “hopper.”   They assigned us to one horse for the duration of our time and at the end we would put on a horse show for parents, family and friends to prove what we learned.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work too.  Everyone had to look after everyone else.  The owners looked after and supported the counselors, counselors looked after the campers and we all looked after the animals.    

In between archery, playing with the animals, hayrides, smores, chuckwagon breakfast, afternoon swimming and crafts (which I dreaded), they had us study “Horse Sense Rules.” Horse sense was not common sense. It was actually the most challenging part of the week—STUDY.  In the summer?  Arrgh! I hate studying and test taking—only being made to doing crafts is worse.  But we had to learn all about Horse Sense and Safety to keep the horse safe as well as practice principles that kept us safe.  At camp I learned that in life, to really grow and care for others, God’s plan is that we learn to Work Hard, Play Hard, Study Hard and Sleep Hard!  It takes all of them if a community is truly going to thrive and the individuals in it grow.

At Mosaic, we work hard to build a safe environment for everyone to grow in their faith and use their talents that God gave them.  For what purpose?  So that everyone can KNOW the love of Jesus, the Power of the Holy Spirit at work in their life and God’s all surpassing great plan for their lives.  

We are becoming a dynamic Mosaic of Jesus followers by creating a place where YOU can encounter true community with God and each other; engage your beliefs in Jesus and ultimately create a contagious faith in Jesus to share with everyone God brings across your path.  Make Sense? Come on and horse around a bit with others who wish to do the same in a safe and encouraging environment.  It may get messy as we each learn to get along with people who are coming from a different background.  It may be some Work and Study, but we will Play!  You may get tired along the way so take plenty of Sunday afternoon naps.  Guess what? In the end (of this great life-training ground), you’ll be well prepared for eternity!

This Sunday is going to be AMAZING!  New Location: Regal Fairfield Commons 2651 Fairfield Commons Blvd. Beavercreek, Ohio 45431; It’s Bible Sunday where PARENTS will be presenting their kids with God’s Word the Bible--we will have enough, so come on and bring your neighbor; and of course Mother’s Day where we recognize all women in our lives who have made a positive impact.  And of course our sermon series continues, “Bootcamp: Training with the Holy Spirit” Acts 3 and 4.  

Blessings in Christ,

Wayne Botkin         

Wayne Botkin

Christ United Methodist Church South Campus, 10227 Dayton Lebanon Pike, Centerville, OH, 45458, United States