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We exist to become a dynamic Mosaic of Jesus followers who take the brokenness of our lives and of the world and see it transformed for the glory of God.

SunDays- 10 am

at Rave Cinema at the Greene

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One of the ways people like to unwind is by going to the movies.  Sure, it’s the smell of popcorn, the candy at the concession stand, and the excitement for a movie but what people really enjoy is sitting in the comfortable seats.  What if worship can be experienced in the same way?  You can sit as close or as far away as you want but the point is you have come to a place that you are a familiar with.  In some cases, people are more familiar and comfortable at a movie theater than a traditional church building with pews.  Mosaic’s nonthreatening environment in the Rave Movie Theater is great for singles, married couples, and families with children who will have a wonderful experience in Mosaic Kid’s Ministry.



Mosaic’s worship is less of a production for the congregation and more about engaging with the congregation in heartfelt, authentic and creative worship.   God the Creator has made us in his creative image, and we use this creativity to worship through ancient and modern songs, a variety of instruments, spoken word, diverse languages and compelling art.    We worship God to express our love for God and do so in community to express our love for others. 




Mosaic’s teaching team wrestles with real topics and current events that are going on in our daily lives and in the world.  Each sermon is rooted and based in Scripture that is made relatable, understandable but also challenging.  There are times where the sermon will be delivered in a Ted Talk style segmented in worship and other times it will be shared in one movement.  At Mosaic, we believe in creativity and don’t want to share the same approach every Sunday.


2 Churches | 1 Vision

The idea for Mosaic Church began about a year and a half ago as Pastor Wayne Botkin and Pastor Roz Picardo, were driving in the car. They had just attended a church planting meeting at the Vineyard in Columbus. They began to ask the question, “Why is it that when a church is planted only one planter is sent?” The biblical model Jesus instituted in the New Testament demonstrates this work being done in teams; Jesus sent out his disciples two by two. Then they said to each other, "What if we planted a church together?

Wayne and Roz didn’t give the idea much credence initially, since they were each part of two different churches. Wayne being the Pastor of the South Campus of Christ Church and Roz, the Executive Pastor of New Church Development at Ginghamsburg, Yet neither of them could shake the conversation. They started to realize a God-dream was being birthed in their hearts: two pastors coming together to plant a shared church. The next thought was that there was no way their two churches would agree to partner; it’s just not typically done by two different churches. After more thought and prayer, Wayne & Roz decided to approach their lead pastors and others. Surprisingly, all parties were intrigued and supportive. After much prayer, meetings and deliberation, this God-dream is about to come to fruition. Mosaic Church will be launched as new faith community in the fall of 2017 at the Rave Cinemas at the Greene.

A mosaic can be defined as a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole. Beauty, color, intricate patterns. all these are elements of a mosaic. As you take a closer look you’ll see a mosaic is made up of many small pieces, many broken or chipped. Each piece with it’s own attributes but yet as whole a beautiful creation. This paints a picture that helps to describe the church as a whole, many individual broken pieces brought together by an Artist who will take each piece and fit them together to create a masterpiece.

We’re off to a great start ! God has continued to confirm His vision and plan as He weaves together the stories of those who have become part of the Mosaic Church staff and launch team. Although our services don’t start until the fall, we’re jumping right in and serving the community of Beavercreek, participating in Kite Day, buying coffee for customers at Winans and this summer we’ll be a part of the Greene’s Summer Concert Series. Serving and love, that’s what Mosaic Church wants to be known for.


Our Team



                  Roz Picardo | Pastor

               Wayne Botkin | Pastor

              Ayad Attia | International Pastor

Bob Brooks | Media Director


Stephanie Kellar | Family Ministries Director