Most of us enjoy music. Music can stir our thoughts and ignite our emotions, because music speaks to the deepest part of us. Music can give a voice to the wide variety of experiences we encounter each day. Yet the same poetry and notes can sound drastically different depending on the style of music: country, classical, rock, jazz, gospel, hip-hop, and more. Church music is similar. You can express a melody in your heart by singing acappella or with instruments like an organ, piano, or guitars. Even though church music is sacred, it also comes in a variety of styles: traditional hymns, ancient spirituals, and contemporary praise. This series, BEYOND the MUSIC, is designed to empower us to experience worship on a whole new level and to keep us from becoming weary or worn-out in our weekly worship. In this 4-week series we will learn about the ART and the HEART of worship. Find out the secret of being able to worship God even in the hard times. Did you know you can learn to use worship as a weapon to overcome worry? We have power through the Spirit to worship authentically, not based on our fickle feelings; but based on the truth of who God is. Let’s draw closer to God and each other as we open our minds to explore BEYOND the MUSIC.

A little about us

We welcome all

We stand by broken hearts

From group studies to weekend meetups, Sunday's gathering to Saturday morning coffee for men and women, we have dozens of opportunities for people to gather together in community weekly, encouraging one another closer to a life devoted to Christ.
Mosaic Church is a place where people can meet Jesus, believers can engage in life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for Him. Join us for our Sunday services! 

Church is wherever you are.

We are doing it now and for as long as it takes. We are adjusting to a new normal like everyone else. Worship with us in a casual setting. From your own house, living room, dining room or bedroom, whatever you prefer. The important thing is to gather in community, even if it is virtual. Mosaic wants to be real and authentic. We are hunkering down on our values and believe that worshipping with you online doesn't mean highly produced or even tightly scripted.  Host a watch party virtually or in your own space however you wish. Let's make this happen because the world is getting a little bit more Gospel everyday in these times.

2021 Breakthrough Prayer

Every year we commit to reciting the same prayer every day. 
We believe that God has something amazing in store for our community.
Click the link below  to download the prayer for yourself and your family,  
and join  us in prayer at 520 am or 520 pm.