Join us for prayer walks

God’s power was made visible when a small group of people walked around the walls of Jericho with Joshua, praising God.
When we as individuals and small groups walk and pray for the power of God to be made visible, miracles happen.
We have been praying the breakthrough prayer and now you are invited to pray that prayer and more, for specific spaces in our buildings. So that, when God brings people to this building, God’s space, they will experience the presence of God. They would be moved by the work of the Holy Spirit touching them at their point of need.Jesus prayed for us in John 17. Here are a few ways we can pray as Jesus did when we are walking around the building, either in person or virtually watching the prayer walking videos of the space:
1.God to be glorified in that space (v.1)
2. Protection for the people that come into that space (v.11)
3. Healing and hope for those who are wounded that those who are lost will find Jesus.  (v.3, 13)

As Mosaic becomes one church in two locations, both at the Mall and at St. Andrew,
we encourage you to pray over not just the space you regularly attend, but Mosaic’s other location as well.

In-person Prayer Walks

Walk or drive a neighborhood and pray for the families and businesses in that neighborhood. We will gather every other Wednesday. We'll meet on Wednesdays, 6 p.m. at Mosaic at St Andrew. Upcoming prayer Dates are July 21st August 4th.

Virtual Prayer Walk - Mosaic at St Andrew

Virtual Prayer Walk - Mosaic at The Mall